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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Oxford bans smoking

Oxford, Miss - Smokers fumed when Arkansas banned smoking in most workplaces a couple of months ago. Now the City of Oxford has joined several other cites in taking that a step further... They're banning smoking in almost all public places... work... or not. James Toles relaxes with a bud and a cigarette... but he's not so relaxed today. He's fuming that Tuesday night, Oxford Aldermen voted to ban smoking in public places... even his favorite bar. "People have a choice whether they want to come in or not. So why shouldn't we have a choice to smoke? it's a similar form of communism." said Toles. The ban applies to any indoor public place, and most outdoor places where people gather. "I think it's a little extreme and I'm just wondering how they're gonna be able to enforce it." said smoker Beth Riddell It has left smokers with lots of questions and very few answers.

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