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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Have guts to stick with smoking ban

It's time ya'll woke up - the time is here for being smoke free. Three huge cheers for Normal; three huge coal lumps for Bloomington - stop waffling. Never have I seen such wishy-washy decision makers.Many months past a very popular Main Street pizza restaurant went smoke free. Why? Because they were losing business - the smoking section was literally empty while people were standing in line for non-smoking.Recently, while meeting with friends for our monthly lunch, we commented that after Jan. 1 we would have more restaurants to choose from.The owners who think they will lose business have their heads in the sand. Maybe they will initially - and for a very short time, while the stagnant odor dissipates - but not for long. There is a whole cadre of folks who will begin coming to your places.As much as I disagreed with former Mayor Judy Markowitz over the arena, she always had my respect.

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